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Watch Amy Schumer as Megyn Kelly in Fox News Musical: ‘Roger, Get Your Balls Off My Nose’ (Video)

The ”Snatched“ star sings her heart out on Howard Stern’s radio in an impromptu NSFW musical

Amy Schumer as Megyn Kelly? Talk about inspired casting.

While stopping by Howard Stern’s radio show Wednesday to promote her upcoming comedy, “Snatched,” co-starring Goldie Hawn, Schumer rolled with the punches when Stern asked her to duet in an impromptu musical about the sexual harassment allegations at Fox News.

Stern voiced former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes (who the SiriusXM DJ joked would be played by “Hairspray” star Harvey Fierstein in the musical). Schumer was tasked with portraying Kelly, who’s since left the network for a plum gig at NBC.

“You’re going to have to show titty in this one,” Stern warned Schumer. She didn’t seem to mind.

The scene they improvised was set in the office of Ailes.

“Roger, get your balls off my nose,” warbled Schumer. “Get your taint off my chin … I don’t want to tea bag you.”

Howard, as Ailes, at one point sang: “You are a c—. I’m never going to promote you.”

Gretchen Carlson, the former Fox News anchor who helped in getting Ailes to resign following her 2016 sexual harassment lawsuit, got a mention.

“Gretchen chose her path and I’m choosing mine — to not f— you in this bathroom,” sang Schumer as Kelly. The musical culminates with Kelly quitting.

In just under three-minutes, Schumer and Stern cooked up a musical filthier than “The Book of Mormon,” or even “South Park: The Musical,” which is high praise.

“Snatched” hits theaters May 12.

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