An Inside Look at the Brazilian Media Space (All Things Video Podcast)

Gustavo (Guga) Mafra is a serial entrepreneur focused on the digital media space in Latin America. For the last 4 years, he served as the Co-Founder of Amazing Pixel, one of Brazil’s leading multi-channel networks and original content studios. Prior to Amazing Pixel, Guga worked at an advertising agency and later became CEO of FTPI Digital / Boo-Box.

In this episode, Guga shares what motivated him to launch a boutique influencer network aimed at providing a better experience for Brazilian talent. We also discuss the differences between doing business in the U.S. and Brazil and the shift to video-on-demand, which is creating scarcity in the advertising space. Finally, Guga tells the story behind Amazing Pixel’s recent acquisition by Snack and explains the “leap of faith” required to sell his business to a competitor.

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