Anatomy of a Dick Pic: The Journey From Breitbart’s Phone to the World

Conservative muckraker swore he wouldn’t leak photos of disgraced rep’s member; how it happened anyway

Last Updated: June 9, 2011 @ 9:30 AM

It was the penis photo seen 'round the Internet — a purported picture of embattled New York congressman Anthony Weiner's aroused member, proudly on display.

And though political muckraker Andrew Breitbart claimed that he never wanted to make the photo public — "I'm not doing that to him and his family," — he said earlier — it found its way out to the zeitgeist nonetheless.

But how?

The photo's, uh, dissemination began with Breitbart's appearance on Sirius/XM radio program "The Opie & Anthony Show" on Wednesday morning.

According to show host Greg "Opie" Hughes, he, co-host Anthony Cumia, and "Opie & Anthony" third wheel Jim Norton started pestering Breitbart for a peek at the pic, which the conservative blogger had stored on his phone.

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Hughes lays out the tale on — what else? — his Twitter account, explaining, "We had @AndrewBreitbart on the show today and we prodded him to see the 'pic' that was rumored to be out there. He finally passed his phone around to show a pic of @repweiner 's well 'weiner.'"

However, with the phone out of Breitbart's control, the situation quickly went awry — thanks to a video camera installed in the studio.

"As the phone made the rounds around the room to @jimnorton @anthonycumia and myself the picture was captured by a video camera that was on!" Hughes continues. "I did try to take a pic of @AndrewBreitbart 's, phone but it came out blurry because @anthonycumia grabbed the phone. Wasn't until @AndrewBreitbart left the studio that we realized what was captured on our video camera."

At which point, the publicity-hungry shock jocks, quite naturally, posted a link to the photo on their Twitter feed.

For the record, Hughes notes, "I believe it was not @AndrewBreitbart 's intention to get the pic out there at this time."

While it remains to be determined with certitude that the penis in question does, in fact, belong to the congressman, one thing is certain — Weiner just can't stop getting screwed on Twitter.


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