Anderson Cooper Does Awesome Donald Trump Impersonation: ‘She’s a Loser!’ (Video)

“She should hang out with Seth Meyers,” CNN anchor jokes about Trump’s attacks on Fox anchor Megyn Kelly

If Anderson Cooper’s CNN gig doesn’t work out, he can definitely fall back on playing Donald Trump in the next “Game Change” movie.

“She’s a loser!” Cooper said using a spot-on Trump voice while referencing Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Tuesday.

Cooper noted how relentless Trump is on social media, pointing to tweets by Trump at 2 and 4 a.m. “I keep imagining his wife saying, ‘Honey, get off the Twitter,’” Cooper said — impersonating Melania Trump, too.

“Right now, he’s probably tweeting that Seth Meyers, I confirmed it, he’s a loser,” Cooper went on.

Cooper suggested Trump “defies the laws of political gravity,” disagreeing with the thought that the real estate mogul is a fringe candidate.

In typical Trump fashion, he blasted Cooper during their interview in July, saying people don’t trust him.

Watch the video above.