Anderson Cooper Takes on Gay-Bashing Pat Robertson (Video)

The 83-year-old former Southern baptist minister thinks gay men are spreading AIDS through rings

Anderson Cooper isn't very happy with televangelist Pat Robertson's latest supposedly faith-based accusation: that gay men in San Francisco are wearing rings with sharp points on them so they can cut the skin of people who shake hands with them and give them AIDS.

"Tonight we bring you a man who we usually avoid mentioning," Cooper said in the Wednesday edition of his show's Ridiculist segment, before comparing the 83-year-old Robertson to that old, decrepit, out-of-touch relative you spend as little time as possible with during family holidays.

Robertson made his claims on his "700 Club," adding: "It's that kind of vicious stuff which would be the equivalent of murder."

As he concluded, his co-host Terry Meeuwsen let out a breathless, "Really?"

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"Really?" Cooper mocked, before wondering if the reason why Robertson is so opposed to gay marriage is that he just doesn't want to give gay men murder weapons/rings. Cooper continued that Robertson's comments were especially surprising, given that "Robertson's thoughts on gay issues are very well thought out and very well-articulated." 

He then showed clips of Robertson over the years saying that men who sleep with other men are victims of "demonic possession" and "makes me want to throw up" along with clips of Robertson bestowing marriage advice to straight people.

For instance, "Become a Muslim and then you could beat" your disobedient wife and "he cheated on you. Well? He's a man."

Here's the video: