Watch the Teaser for Bill Simmons’ ‘Andre The Giant’ Doc: WWE Legend ‘Was a God’ (Video)

First Ringer Films offering enters HBO ring in Spring 2018

Bill Simmons is bringing his “30 for 30” experience to HBO. The ESPN alum’s new sports documentary partnership with the premium-TV channel will kick off with next year’s “Andre The Giant” — an in-depth look at the WWE (then WWF) legend.

“He was a God — literally the biggest celebrity in the world,” a voiceover in the film’s first teaser says. “He is at once a real human, but at the same time, a mythological figure.”

“Andrew The Giant” will be the first project under the new Ringer Films label, which Simmons talked about in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the doc’s teaser above.

“Andre the Giant” enters the ring in Spring 2018.