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Andrew Garfield’s Very Dramatic High School Stage Performance Surfaces on YouTube (Video)

The ”Spider-Man“ actor features in ”Tales from Ovid,“ and his dramatic chops were evident back then, too

From baby-face to Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield is now a certified global movie star, the lead of a franchise valued at billions of dollars who has his countenance on just about every product imaginable these days. But back in 2001, he was just a teenage kid in England, studying to be an actor and pouring his heart into small on-stage performances for family and friends.

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Need proof? Just watch the video above, which has been sitting — with little-to-no fanfare — on YouTube for over a year. The archival footage features Garfield in his final A-level performance (more or less the equivalent of high school finals over in the UK), breathing life into the Greek character of Narcissus in the British playwright Ted Hughes’ “Tales from Ovid.”

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He’s got a long monologue, which he delivers on a rudimentary stage, and a good bit of crying, which he does with much conviction. No doubt that the audience present that night knew that they were watching something special.