Andy Cohen Says He Has ‘No Faith’ in ‘Any Side’ of Hollywood Strike Negotiations: ‘Like, Get It Together’ (Video)

The media figure’s comments came while interviewing Cheyenne Jackson about the strikes and Drew Barrymore’s decision to cancel her talk show return

As the WGA and AMPTP are set to head back to the negotiating table on Wednesday, Andy Cohen said he has “no faith” in “any side” of the writers’ and actors’ strikes.

“I have no faith in anyone negotiating either of these on any side, by the way, and there seems to be no urgency, and, like, get it together, SAG, and get it together WGA, and get it together, big companies,” Cohen said on his SiriusXM show “Radio Andy” on Tuesday.

His guest, “American Horror Story” star Cheyenne Jackson, echoed Cohen with an “Amen.”

The duo also discussed Drew Barrymore’s decision to cancel the return of her syndicated talk show after significant blowback from her fellow actors, including Bradley Whitford, Rosie O’Donnell and Jackson himself.

Barrymore had shared an Instagram video in which she apologized for angering the WGA but vowed to continue production. Several actors, including Jackson and Debra Messing, commented on the now-deleted post, urging her to change her mind.

Cohen said his reaction to Jackson comment was, “Oh, Cheyenne is worked up,” to which Jackson replied, “Listen, I love Drew Barrymore. I’m the exact same age as her. She’s a good person who obviously was under a lot of pressure from all sides, but I think ultimately, she did the right thing. I mean, yes there are people that need to work, but you have to, we are only as strong as all of us together and now it’s what? ‘The Talk’ is doing the same thing.”

After Barrymore announced she was pausing her show’s return, “The Talk” and “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” both of which had already announced they intended to return with “The Drew Barrymore Show,” also did an about-face.

Bill Maher, who said he is optimistic about the upcoming WGA talks with the Hollywood studios, also followed suit after saying he was bringing back his HBO talk show “Real Time.”

“My decision to return to work was made when it seemed nothing was happening and there was no end in sight to this strike,” he wrote on X on Monday. “Now that both sides have agreed to go back to the negotiating table I’m going to delay the return of Real Time, for now, and hope they can finally get this done.”