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Andy Richter Signs On to Conan O’Brien’s New Show

O’Brien’s longtime partner will re-join the late night host on his new TBS show ”Conan“ starting Nov. 8

Team Coco's MVP will be back on TBS.

Conan O'Brien's longtime partner Andy Richter will re-join the late night host on his new TBS show "Conan" starting Nov. 8. The pair have been working together for 17 years.

TBS announced Richter's addition to "Conan" on Tuesday morning. 

“This decision was made without my authority. I will get to the bottom of this,” joked O'Brien.

Richter said he was "thrilled" and "excited" to "start a whole new venture on TBS."

“However, I am mostly looking forward to getting out of the house again,” he added.

Richter was O'Brien's original sidekick on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" when the show began in 1993. He left "Late Night" in 2000 to pursue solo projects. Richter went on to star in the TV comedies "Andy Richter Controls The Universe," "Quintuplets" and "Andy Barker P.I.," none of which lasted for more than two seasons.

Richter later joined NBC's "Tonight Show" for O'Brien's 143 episode run as host. O'Brien left NBC for TBS after his "Tonight Show" time slot was given back to Jay Leno. O'Brien became a viral internet star and something of a cult hero following the untimely end of his "Tonight Show" run.

Not every familiar face is going to be back for "Conan." 

Max Weinberg, O'Brien's longtime band leader, won't be returning for the new TBS show. Weinberg had open heart surgery in February. News that Weinberg wasn't signed on to the show was first reported by the St. Louis Riverfront Times on September 22.

"Conan" will be produced by O'Brien's Conaco L.L.C.

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