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Angie’s List CEO Quits Company to Fix ‘Shellacking’ Indiana’s Received Over Anti-LGBT Law

Bill Oesterle leaving company he co-founded 20 years ago to re-enter state politics and fix stated damaged by religious freedom law

Angie’s List CEO Bill Oesterle is stepping down from the post he’s held for 20 years to turn his attention to state politics, the company announce Wednesday.

“You start to look around and see what you are going to do in your career,” he said. “I can maybe do some things to help resolve some of the state’s issues. I am going to take a little time and sort out what they might be.”

Oesterle’s move caught many in Indiana’s politician and media community by surprise as some believe the move lines him up for a run against controversial Governor Mike Pence, who spearheaded the anti-LGBT law.

The online retailer called his exit a “planned departure” and he’d be “more civically involved in the state of Indiana.”

A few weeks ago, Angie’s List halted planned expansion for a new campus along East Washington in Indiana in protest of the religious freedom restoration act. On the law, he said:

During an interview, he brought up how, “Indiana does not have protection for gay and lesbians in it’s non-discrimination laws.” In protest, he scrapped plans to expand Angie’s List’s campus along East Washington just days before the City-County Council was to vote on the project. That’s because in addition to incentives from the city, it also included state subsidies, which he wouldn’t accept.”

Oesterle is no stranger to politics: in 2004, he ran the campaign for former governor Mitch Daniels.