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‘The Zoo': Here’s the Really Cool Way Handlers Test Elephants for Tuberculosis (Exclusive Video)

Who wants cantaloupe?

Elephants never forget… how much they love cantaloupe! It’s Friday, so let’s all watch a video of the largest mammals on Animal Planet’s “The Zoo” getting groomed, enjoying some play time, and getting scanned for tuberculosis.

OK, so that last one could be a bit of a bummer, admittedly, but it’s incredible how these big guys and gals participant in the TB testing process. It’s called a “trunk wash,” and the whole thing is really cool if you can get past the pint-of-snot part.

The elephant’s treat for holding steady and blowing into a collection bag is half a melon — a nice summer snack as the weather (finally) gets warmer for everyone on the Bronx Zoo’s coast.

Check out the clip above, which is exclusive to TheWrap and previews this weekend’s new episode.

“The Zoo” airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Animal Planet.