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Ann Coulter Shreds Donald Trump, Paul Ryan Over ‘Obamacare Lite’ Healthcare Plan, Tax Cuts

Conservative pundit says president ”got elected for wall, deportations & trade. Instead he’s doing tax cuts & Obamacare Lite“

Apparently, Paul Ryan’s proposed health care plan is already making Ann Coulter sick.

Conservative pundit Coulter went on the social-media warpath against House Speaker Ryan’s plan via Twitter this week, taking shots at President Donald Trump for good measure.

On Tuesday, Coulter weighed in to poke at Trump’s weak approval ratings, suggesting that Trump isn’t focusing on the issues that put him in the White House.

“Trump numbers dropping is significant. Trump got elected for wall, deportations & trade. Instead he’s doing tax cuts & Obamacare Lite,” Coulter tweeted.

Ryan felt the brunt of Coulter’s wrath, as the pundit pilloried the politician’s plan  in multiple poison-fingered tweets.

“None of GOP’s health care bill makes it legal to sell health insurance to the 90% of the population who can pay for it themselves,” Coulter wrote in one instance.

“.@SpeakerRyan: “Promises Made, Promises Kept!” Promise was to repeal Obamacare, replace w/ free market…Ryancare doesn’t keep that promise,” went another barbed comment.

And then there was this: “Ryancare not only destroys any chance of reform, but guarantees single payer & demoralizes us with more politicians who can’t keep promises.”

While Coulter has been generally supportive of Trump, she has broken away from him at times. Last year, Coulter called then-candidate Trump “mental” and “lowbrow,” after Trump retweeted side-by-side photos comparing his own wife to that of his political rival, Ted Cruz.

“This is the worst thing he’s done,” Coulter lamented, adding that she wished he was “less lowbrow” and noting, “It’s like constantly having to bail out your 16-year-old son from prison.”