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Ann Coulter Visits Fox News to Slam Delta (Again): ‘Unbelievably Arrogant’ (Video)

”Why won’t you explain what happened,“ conservative commentator says to airline

Ann Coulter appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss her recent social media tirade directed at Delta, blasting the airlines as “unbelievably arrogant” on Tuesday morning.

Coulter went ballistic on social media over the weekend after she was moved from the aisle seat on a flight from New York to Palm Beach, Florida, to a window seat in the same exit row.

“As I was boarding, the ticket agent snatched the ticket out of my hand and said, ‘No, we have given you a different seat,'” Coulter explained on the Fox News morning show.

“I said, ‘Why?,’ and she said, ‘Emergency,'” Coulter said. “I took the seat that was originally mine, because it was empty, and then the seats filled up, a woman came back, stewardess asked for our tickets and I said, ‘This is the seat I booked and they moved me to another seat I don’t want.'”

Coulter said she was then forced to move and three days later she has not received an explanation or an apology. She complained that specifically selected a seat with extra legroom and was provided with a less-spacious seat.

“Why won’t you explain what happened,” she said to Delta.

The commentator and best-selling author had tweeted a photo of the passenger who was seated in her pre-booked seat for an unexplained emergency and ripped the passenger in another tweet as “the dachshund-legged woman.”

Coulter told “Fox & Friends” that she would have happily moved for an older person or Air Marshall, but took a picture of the passenger because she “knew Delta would lie about it.”

“Hey @Delta,” Coulter also tweeted on Saturday. “You mind telling me why it was an ‘emergency’ to move someone else into the seat I had carefully chosen in advance and booked?”

“So glad I took time investigate the aircraft & PRE-BOOK a specific seat on @Delta, so some woman could waltz at the last min & take my seat,” she added.

Coulter’s Twitter tirade prompted Delta to take the commentator to task on Sunday, saying that her “insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary.”

Check out the video above.

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