Ann Coulter’s Solution for Illegal Migrants: ‘If You Shoot One … Maybe They’ll Learn’ (Audio)

Conservative fire queen proposes a provocative solution to illegal immigration

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter proposed a novel solution for illegal immigration, suggesting that U.S. border guards might solve the problem and send a message to others by shooting a migrant trying to cross into the United States.

“I mean, unless they’re going to shoot one and send a message to the rest,” Coulter told radio host Lars Larson earlier this week. “If you shoot one to encourage the others, maybe they’ll learn, but otherwise, we’ll see, we’ll see.”

Coulter analogized her position to the Voltaire line from Candide — “We hang one to encourage the others.”

The GOP fire queen was on the program to continue her excoriation tour against President Trump, which has been ongoing since he signed the federal omnibus spending bill last March.

Coulter told Larson that she was not confident that the president’s latest plan to send the military to police the U.S. border would make any noticeable difference.

“Both Obama and Bush did this too. No, there’s a reason the chant was ‘we want a wall,’ we don’t want to use the military to process illegals and let them into the country,” she said.

While Coulter still hasn’t completely jumped off the Trump Train — and the movement which led Donald Trump to the White House — she has become increasingly ferocious in her denunciations.

During a talk at Columbia University last month, Coulter called the president a “shallow, lazy, ignoramus.”

As one of 45 people the president follows on Twitter, it is almost impossible to believe he hasn’t noticed the upswing in attacks from Coulter. To date, however, he has declined from attacking her publicly.