Ann Curry Endures Crotch-Thrusts From ‘Magic Mike’ Star on ‘Today’ (Video)

Even as she's reportedly wrapping up her "Today" run, Ann Curry finds that work can be a real grind

Does this count as a going-away present for Ann Curry, or just another humiliating moment as she's reportedly ushered toward the door on "Today"?

Things got super-classy on Wednesday morning's edition of "Today," as Joe Manganiello — who stars in the upcoming stripper epic "Magic Mike" — threw some moves her way, thrusting his crotch at Curry in a manner that might best be described as bawdy.

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Sometimes work can be such a (bump and) grind, huh, Ann?

Curry, who's reportedly in the process of being phased out of the show, seemed genuinely embarrassed as Manganiello shook his money-maker in her general direction.

Luckily, she was let off the hook shortly thereafter, as a cabal of hip-shakers broke out into a "spontaneous" flash mob of pelvis-gyrating action. (We suppose the term "flash mob" takes on an extra meaning in this situation.)

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Watch the spectacle unfold in the video.


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