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Ann Curry ‘Not Surprised’ by Matt Lauer Accusations Amid ‘Pervasive’ Harassment (Video)

Curry departed the ”Today“ show in 2012 after her own troubled stint with Matt Lauer

Former “Today” host Ann Curry opened up about her experience working for the show from 2011-2012.

In a widely anticipated interview on ‘CBS This Morning” Curry told the world that she was not surprise by the allegations of sexual misconduct that ended the career of the show’s longtime host, Matt Lauer.

“I can tell you that I am not surprised by the allegations,” she said to CBS hosts Gayle King, Noah O’Donnell and John Dickerson. “I would be surprised if many women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal harassment that existed. I think it would be surprising if someone said they didn’t see that.”

“Verbal sexual harassment was pervasive,” she added.

Curry, who was officially on set to promote her new PBS series “We’ll Meet Again,” said that she didn’t want to get into any specifics on sexual misconduct or add more to the Lauer pile-on beyond that.

“I am walking down that road trying not to hurt people,” she said. “I know what it’s like to be publicly humiliated.”

Indeed, the line is likely a reference to Curry’s own troubled tenure with Lauer and the “Today” show. After coming in to replace Meredith Vieira on the show, things swiftly went south. The pair had little chemistry and reports at the time said Lauer very publicly complained about her off-set at NBC.

She departed the show after less than a year and left NBC entirely in 2015.

On set at CBS, Gayle King asked about her last emotional show with Lauer.

“I don’t want to upset you further,” said King.

“I’m not going to start crying.” said Curry, laughing it off. “I’ve learned a great deal about myself. I’ve just let it go. It’s been years and I sort of want to move on from that. At this point I am thinking Hakuna matata.”

Curry also spoke approvingly of the broader #MeToo movement and about how she herself had been sexually harassed numerous times in her career.

“I don’t know a single woman who has not endured some form of sexual harassment and many women have endured workplace sexual harassment,” she said. “It has happened to me in multiple jobs.”

You can watch the interview above.

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