Anna Faris Says ‘Scary Movie’ Cementing Her as Comedic Actress Was ‘Confusing’: Didn’t Think It ‘Was Ever My Strong Suit’

“UnWrapped” Podcast: The actress says she’s now “really grateful” for comedy career and gets candid about her taste for stripper heels and Chatroulette

From “House Bunny” and “Hot Chick,” to “Just Friends” and the “Scary Movie” franchise, it seems that just about every project Anna Faris touches becomes a cult classic. And she’s very thankful for it – but it wasn’t always that way.

Speaking to “UnWrapped” hosts Emily Vogel and Andi Ortiz, Faris admitted that, while she always recognized how lucky she was to have landed the “Scary Movie” franchise on her first audition, there was some resentment of what it did for her career after the fact.

“I went through a whole lot of internal agitation with being associated with comedy, solely,” she said. “Like, I did not feel like comedy was ever my strong suit. And it felt confusing. And I felt resentful to — like, after a while, it felt like, ‘Why can’t I get that audition?’ You know, ‘Why can’t I at least audition for whatever the thing [was]?’”

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These days though, Faris is thrilled to have found a lane in comedy so early.

“I’m really, really grateful now, in my 40s,” she said. “I was reflecting on what comedy … has really given me. Which is the freedom to to be f—ing goofy and self-deprecating. And to like, laugh when I fall, or laugh if there’s something in my teeth, or if I’m being an idiot. It’s given me a freedom that I didn’t fully recognize.”

Most recently in an effort to tell stories for people of all ages, the “Unqualified” podcast host teamed up with QCode to executive produce and voice the character of Hatch in the scripted kids story podcast “The Peepkins.”

Faris joined Vogel and Ortiz on “UnWrapped” to talk about her career journey, lessons learned and the embarrassing moments along the way. 

Anna Faris Episode Highlights: 

  • Says she once ate a full lime to get out of a bad date: “It was f—ing gnarly … I vomited for like, eight hours in my dorm room.”
  • Reveals she loved Chatroulette then started messing with the people online when it “just became penises, and I was so f—ing mad.” 
  • In “What’s Your Number,” the studio wanted the number of sexual partners to be lower: “They thought 20 was too much. I was like, 20 is way too low … They wanted it to be 16, I wanted it to be like, 100.”
  • Admits stripper heels are the most comfortable shoes: “Even though they’re this high, they are really supportive. The angle is pretty mild. I have a bunch of pairs now.”
  • Reveals she got a boob job after doing “House Bunny”: “[Before] I was uncomfortable with my own sense of sexuality and likability …  And [after] I felt I started to feel more ownership of my body … I really look back on that time as pretty revolutionary for me.”
  • Says she doesn’t go to therapy, but her favorite coping mechanisms are puzzling and knitting. During COVID, she also went through a “serious eBay thing” where she bought a cello — no, she doesn’t know how to play — and an old pay phone, to “remind her of the past.”

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