Anne Hathaway, James Corden Diss Each Other Hard in Rap Battle (Video)

“Late Late Show” host gets “Hatha-slayed” by “Alice Through the Looking Glass” actress

Who knew Anne Hathaway could rhyme? Probably the “Late Late Show” writers, who clearly pre-wrote all the rhymes she dropped on Tuesday’s episode of the CBS late-night show.

The star of “Alice Through the Looking Glass” rap-battled James Corden in the  show’s entertaining “Drop the Mic” sketch.

The disses cut pretty hard from both sides. Below are some of the best ones.

Corden: “Like her movie ‘Get Smart,’ her rhymes are gonna flop.”

Hathaway: “Your rhymes are like your ratings, they’re incredibly weak.”

Corden: “Now it’s her turn to act a little scary, because the only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry.

Hathaway: “A Catwoman diss? Gosh what do I do? I can’t make fun of you James, ’cause no one’s heard of you!”

Corden: “Trust me, I won’t lose this to an imposter/It’s more likely they’ll ask you again to host the Oscars.”

Hathaway: “Like your wife, I watch Seth Meyers instead.”

In the end, the audience — and Anne — determined that Corden got “Hatha-slayed.”

Watch the video above. “Alice” bounds into theaters on Friday.