Anne Hathaway Spoils Her Own Movie, Breaks Out Into Giggling Fit With Jon Stewart (Video)

The actress stopped by “The Daily Show” to promote her new film “Song One”

Anne Hathaway Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart welcomed Anne Hathaway to “The Daily Show” on Wednesday to promote her anything-but-funny new film, “Song One.” After rolling a super-serious snippet, the actress joined the funnyman at his Comedy Central desk where she somewhat spoiled a major plot point, which the two shared long bouts of silly laughter over.

In the movie, Hathaway plays an older-than-her-years anthropologist, whose younger brother drops out of college and (spoiler alert) gets hit by a car and goes into a coma.

Cut to last night, and the two talents giggling uncontrollably as Hathaway tries to continue with the plot.

“I’ve seen it, and that was still a bit of a spoiler alert,” Stewart said.

“A journalist today told me when that scene came on, he fell off his treadmill,” Hathaway retorted through laughter.

Cue more heavy giggles; they never really got control back after that.

In turn, Stewart then faux spoiled Hathaway’s new play, “Grounded,” which led to — you guessed it — continued cracking up.

Watch the video: