Another ‘Law & Order’ Spinoff? Really, NBC?

Really. “Law & Order: LA” is moving forward, a report says

NBC has said it’s going back to basics — so maybe it’s no surprise that the network may be moving forward with plans to do another (yawn) "Law & Order" spinoff.

The network and producer Dick Wolf aren’t commenting on a report that says the Peacock has picked up the previously reported "Law & Order: Los Angeles" to series and given it the standard 13-episode commitment. The website says the show will premiere in the fall, though no pilot has been shot.

Wolf has done "Law & Order: LA" before, though it was called "Dragnet LA" and aired (briefly) on ABC.

With "SVU" already renewed for next season, and the original "Law & Order" still a contender to return, NBC could once again find itself with three "L&O" series, plus repeats of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

Guess the network isn’t so serious about using its time periods to launch fresh, buzzworthy new concepts after all.