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Another Local Anchor Drops F-Bomb on Air

Ernie Anastos: ‘Keep f—ing that chicken.’

Local television news is not something I generally pay attention to, much less cover. That is, until their anchors inexplicably let the expletives fly. Live. And are promptly archived on YouTube. (YouTube has got to be the worst thing ever invented for local television anchors, as their mistakes now live forever in infamy online.)

Ernie Anastos, anchor of Fox’s local New York affiliate, Fox 5, ended a recent weather segment with the obligatory banter – telling meteorologist Nick Gregory that “it takes a tough man to make a tender forecast” – and then, for some unknown reason, added: “Keep f—ing that chicken.” 

Here’s the video:



Anastos, a former CBS2 anchor, is no stranger to the lip-slip. He once referred to a website’s URL as “dot c*ck.” And, unfortunately for him, there’s a clip of that too!



Anastos’ F-bomb was weird, but not nearly as pronounced as the one NBC’s Sue Simmons uttered in a live, 15-second promo during the season finale of "Medium" last year.

The video of that one, via Gawker, is here.