Racist Mel Rant #3 Caught on Tape

Argues with Grigorieva about an employee: “I’ll report her to the f—ing people that take the f—ing money from the wetbacks, ok?”

Just when it seemed like Mel Gibson’s week couldn't get any worse, a third tape of the “Lethal Weapon” star verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend Olga Grigorieva has been leaked.

As with Mel's other rants, Radar has the tape in its entirety.

The new release doesn’t contain the death threats that made Monday’s phone call so frightening, but the actor does let fly another choice racial epithet while arguing with Grigorieva about an employee.

“I will fire [name redacted] if she's at your house,” Gibson says on the tape. “I will make it known and fire her. I'll report her to the f—ing people that take the f—ing money from the wetbacks, ok?”

The pair spend the bulk of the six-minute tape arguing about money and Grigorieva’s music career, with Gibson regularly deploying his standard suite of insults such as “c—” and “whore.”

But this go-round, Grigorieva is more loquacious, launching into a long monologue about how the media spotlight has impacted her singing career. Employing the same steady voice that has led some to suggest she was coached, Grigorieva does at times seem to be playing to the tape.

Witness this odd syntax in her response to one of Gibson’s unhinged rants: “Are you insane? Yes, you are, of course. We can hear that, because you’re screaming.”

Grigorieva complains that Gibson has been controlling and that her relationship with the actor has put her singing career on ice. She says that she had a career that generated $100,000 a year before she met the actor.

“You control me like marionette,” Grigorieva tells Gibson — to which the actor unleashes a vicious stream of invective.

“Cry poor mouth, you can go through money like a f—ing whore. You want the f—ing dress, you want the tickets, you want the fucking equipment.”

He also says that he shouldn’t have supported his girlfriend’s singing career.

“I don't think you can do it, that’s how little I think of your f—ing talent,” Gibson says.

When Grigorieva protests that Gibson is unfair, he resorts to more choice insults.

“Your logic sucks because you’re a f—ing mentally deprived idiot,” Gibson says.

He closes the phone call by telling Grigorieva to go look after his daughter. When she replies that it’s her daughter, too, Gibson replies: “Yeah, I know unfortunately, c— whore, I hope she doesn’t turn out like you.”

A spokesperson for Gibson declined to comment and Marci R. Levine, a lawyer for Grigorieva did not immediately return TheWrap’s phone calls.

Radar is also reporting that Gibson's lawyer is meeting with investigators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office this week, but a spokesperson for the office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.