Anthony Anderson Shows How COVID-19 Makes Even Everyday Chores Scary on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

We won’t be opening mail until 2022

In his second night guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Anthony Anderson accurately demonstrated just how freakishly terrifying even the most mundane chores are in the COVID-19 era.

Jimmy Kimmel is of course on break for the month of July, and in his place until he gets back is a shuffling roster of guest hosts beginning with Anderson. So it was that during his guest monologue, Anderson talked about the one thing we all agree on — COVID-19 has absolutely ruined summer 2020.

A bad summer, Anderson joked, used to mean someone “sat in poison ivy.” But “in 2020,” he said, “itchy ass is a best case scenario. Remember that move ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’? They should make one about this summer. Only this time, the killer is the one not wearing the mask. And he doesn’t use his hook to kill people, he kills people by sneezing on them at a Costco.”

Anderson joked that because it’s “tiny, and it’s everywhere, it’s the Kevin Hart of diseases,” and then came the gag about how scary normal things are. Anderson joked that he’s been working on an ABC television event inspired by the coronavirus, and rolled a fake trailer for it.

“The pandemic surges. And one man will put it all on the line. To. Get. His. Mail,” the clip promises as Anderson, wearing a white HAZMAT suit, can be seen nervously approaching his mailbox holding a pair of tongs. He manages to grab his mail, at which point he orders a drone to blow the mailbox up.

We then find out the fake special is called “Anthony Anderson Gets His Mail,” followed by “Agents of Face S.H.I.E.L.D.” Too real guys, too real.

Watch the clip above. The fake trailer happens during the very first segment of the monologue about two minutes in.