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Anthony Anderson Has a Surprise ‘Kangaroo Jack’ Reunion With Jerry O’Connell – and Kevin Himself (Video)

He’s back and hoppier than ever

Jimmy Kimmel had Anthony Anderson on Wednesday night’s at-home edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” and the host had quite a hare-raising surprise in store for the actor.

The host brought none other than his former co-star Jerry O’Connell onto the Zoom call for a surprise “Kangaroo Jack” reunion.

The pair looked genuinely happy to see each other.

“What’s up, Jerry O?” Anderson said.

“Anthony! I love you, baby!” O’Connell replied.

O’Connell came decked out in a red bandana, which he called his “COVID couture look.”

“I did have to go to the end of my driveway — my dopey children will not get off that Tik Tok, even though I’m on “JKL” reunited with my man Anthony from the best movie he ever made, ‘KJ!'”

“How much did Jerry Bruckheimer pay you that that’s the end of your driveway?” Anderson teased. “Cause I didn’t get paid like that.”

Kimmel jumped in to inform them that they were not the only “Kangaroo Jack” cast members at this reunion.

“This reunion isn’t over yet, because I’ve got another surprise for both of you. Say hello to the star of ‘Kangaroo Jack,’ Kevin the Kangaroo. Kevin, how are you?”

Suddenly, a CGI version of Kevin the Kangaroo himself appeared in another Zoom window, wearing his customary sunglasses and Brooklyn sweatshirt.

“Where’s my money?” Anderson joked.

“That kangaroo used to come out to parties with us. I don’t know what happened, man,” O’Connell SAID.

Then Anderson pulled down a little toy version of Kevin from his bookshelf that plays “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang.

As usual, Kevin the Kangaroo just stared, saying nothing.

Kimmel was quite pleased with his little reunion.

“Anthony, you’re welcome,” the host said. “You’re welcome to America. That took us a lot of coordination.”