Anthony Scaramucci Cites Disgraced Joe Paterno on ‘Honor and Dignity,’ Sparks Twitter Firestorm

White House Communications Director’s interview on CNN takes strange turn

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci created another Twitter firestorm on Thursday when he went on CNN and quoted disgraced former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in a discussion of “honor and dignity.”

“Why don’t you honor the job?” Scaramucci told CNN “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo about his crusade to stop media leaks by White House staffers.

He continued, “Remember Joe Paterno? What would he say? ‘Act like you’ve been there before.’ Act with honor and dignity and respect and hold the confidence of the presidency in his office.”

Scaramucci phoned into “New Day” after the publication of his financial disclosure report — which he felt had been leaked even though it was public information.

Twitter had a field day with his positive reference to Paterno, a once-beloved football coaching legend who was fired from his longtime job at Penn State in 2011 for his role covering up a child sexual abuse scandal involving defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

“Anthony Scaramucci just positively quoted Joe Paterno–who, you know, condoned the rape of children–as a way of responding to criticism,” one commenter tweeted.

“Scaramucci quoting Joe Paterno makes sense since his job for the foreseeable future will be covering up the wrongdoings of his coworkers,” said another.

By the way, it’s not clear that Paterno even originated the quote “When you go into the endzone, act like you’ve been there before” — which is widely attributed to another football coaching legend, Vince Lombardi.

Late Wednesday, Scaramucci sent another tweet, since deleted, saying that he had reported the “leak” of his financial statements to the FBI and Justice Department and tagged Reince Preibus — which some took to be a veiled threat to the White House Chief of Staff.

Here are some of the other responses his citation prompted.