Colbert Goes ‘Goodfellas’ Billy Batts in Anthony Scaramucci Impression (Video)

Go get your f—in’ shinebox, Sean Spicer

In case you couldn’t tell from his name, new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is of Italian descent.

His slicked back hair and designer suits probably aren’t going to slow down the mafia-esque stereotypes invoked when one impersonates the man nicknamed “The Mooch.” (That moniker won’t do Scaramucci any favors either.)

Stephen Colbert stooped to that easy (some might say, “lazy”) level Monday night in his world-debut impression of Scaramucci.

“Now take your f—in’shinebox and get outta here!” the CBS host sent former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer packing while in-character.

Maybe Scaramucci didn’t hear about it, being on Wall Street, but Spicey don’t shine shoes no more.

Watch Colbert’s impression above, and the classic “Goodfellas” scene he was calling back to below.