Anthony Scaramucci: ‘I’m Open’ to a TV Show With Michael Avenatti

“I do think Michael is a formidable competitor,” said Scaramucci of the potential co-host of a show he remained adamant was not in the works

A show for Anthony Scaramucci and Michael Avenatti has not been announced, but over the weekend, the former White House communications director couldn’t help crack the door a bit on speculation, saying that he would certainly be “open” to the idea if anything concrete materialized.

“If … somebody actually laid out a proposal, and I could see what the guidelines were, I’m open to a lot of different things,” Scaramucci told C-Span political editor Steve Scully on Sunday. “Would I want a show with him? Nothing has ever really come up of that.”

“I do think Michael is a formidable competitor,” he added, praising the television presence of the attorney. “He’s the kind of guy I would want on my team frankly.”

Avenatti’s nonstop appearances on cable television on behalf of his client Stormy Daniels has led to growing chatter that he was angling for his own show. The issue finally came to a head in a Vanity Fair piece in which Avenatti strongly denied any interest and said his first and foremost priority remained his legal practice.

“I’m not seriously entertaining any of those ideas because right now, I’m focused on the task at hand,” he told the magazine last month. “The interest of me having a career in television is very flattering. Who knows, I may consider it, but I’m not going to worry about it or pursue it right now because my main priority is finishing this case.”

On May 17, the New York Times reported that a show was being shopped to networks that would feature Avenatti and Scaramucci in a crossfire type format.