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Anthony Scaramucci Swaps Insults With Donald Trump Over His Presidency: ‘The Loser Is You’

POTUS said his former communications director ”made a fool of himself“ in Fox News appearance on Sunday

Anthony Scaramucci, the short-lived White House communications director under Donald Trump, swapped insults with his former boss on Sunday following a Fox News appearance.

It all started when Trump tweeted that Scaramucci “just made a fool of himself” in an interview with Fox News host Steve Hilton. He added that Scaramucci “only lasted 11 days in his favorite of all time Administration, before being fired for, again, making a fool of himself. Anthony is a loser who begged to come back. I said ‘No Thanks.'”


Scaramucci, who has turned highly critical of Trump since his short-lived tenure in the first year of the White House, responded within about an hour.

“The Loser is you: 162,000 dead, 40 million American jobs lost on your watch,” Scaramucci tweeted. “We are tired of all of the losing. We wanted you to succeed but you are an abject failure. Thankfully it will be over on 11/3. America will heal and rebuild.”

The back-and-forth grew out of Scaramucci’s fiery appearance on Hilton’s Fox News show “The Next Revolution” on Saturday. “I believe in conservative populism,” Scaramucci said, adding, “The president has failed on his mission.”

“He’s destroying the fabric of the Republican Party,” he added. “I’m a blue-collar kid that did well, I lived a good part of the American Dream. I want to bring that to the people I grew up with. By the way, that’s what attracted me to President Trump in the first place. He hasn’t delivered on any of that — look at where the economy is now, look at the way he’s handled the pandemic.”