Anthony Scaramucci to Address American People Directly in Friday Online Event

Former Fox News co-president Bill Shine is involved with the daytime event, according to CNN

Anthony Scaramucci

UPDATED at 10:20 a.m. PT: Scaramucci has taken to Twitter to say there will not be an event on Friday.

Previously: Political watchdogs who already miss Anthony Scaramucci are in luck, as the foul-mouthed former White House communications director will hold an online event on Friday, according to CNN.

Scaramucci will address the American people directly during his daytime event, which will be broadcast on various live platforms with help from former Fox News co-president Bill Shine.

Shine is a Roger Ailes protégé who is credited for a lot of Fox News’ success; he stepped down earlier this year after being mentioned in an assortment of lawsuits. He was never directly accused of harassment and denies all wrongdoing. Shine recently had dinner at the White House with Scaramucci and President Trump, but that was before Scaramucci suddenly lost his gig.

Scaramucci’s time as communications director was bizarre. He began by threatening to fire the entire White House communications staff last week, and then made global headlines for a profanity filled interview with the New Yorker in which he publicly feuded with former White House chief of Staff, Reince Priebus.

During the the phone call, Scaramucci called Priebus “a f-king paranoid schizophrenic,” among other colorful epithets, and accused the former RNC head of deliberately undermining him. However, when the interview was published, Scaramucci responded by saying his biggest mistake was to trust a reporter. He chalked it up to “colorful” language.

Even so, despite the controversy and embarrassment it brought on the White House, it was Preibus, not Scaramucci, who initially lost his job. Ironically, Priebus’ replacement, John Kelly, wanted him removed, according to the New York Times. Kelly, a retired general and ex-Homeland Security secretary, was sworn into his new job Monday morning.

“Anthony Scaramucci will be leaving his role as White House communications director. Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. We wish him all the best,” the White House said in a statement on Monday.

It should be quite interesting to see what Scaramucci has to say on Friday. He has yet to announce when and where it will stream.