Anthony Weiner Has Apparently Never Spoken to a British Person Before (Video)

Weiner insults British reporter, says he feels like he's in a "Monty Python" sketch

The ridiculousness that is Anthony Weiner's bid to run New York City took yet another hit when the scandal-prone serial sexter was confronted by a woman with a British accent, apparently for the first time in his life.

During an interview that surfaced Thursday, British channel ITV's Lucy Watson asked him questions about his campaign and the possible affect his online indiscretions may have on it. Weiner seemed to have trouble focusing, often giggling at how his interviewer talked all funny.

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"It's hard to take you seriously," Weiner said to Watson after she asked him what kept him going on his campaign after all the bad press it had endured recently.

Watson then asked Weiner if anything would stop him from his quest to be mayor. Weiner laughed mirthlessly. "I just have a feeling I've stepped into a Monty Python bit," he said, apparently referencing the only other British people he could think of.

Monty Python stopped making new episodes of its surreal comedy sketch series in 1974.

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Weiner then finished the interview by doing a weather forecast for all of England, saying the weather would be "raining, cloudy and gray" and then he sort of lost the joke he was going for.

Perhaps Weiner was just taking a cue from his campaign communication director Barbara Morgan, who told a reporter that a former intern was a "slutbag," among other more colorful, less-printable terms.

Watch the video: