Anthony Weiner Swells With Pulsing Rage at Jewish Voter (Video)

Scandal-plagued mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner makes the case that he shouldn’t be judged

And now, a Rosh Hashanah message from Anthony Weiner….

Scandal-plagued New York mayoral candidate Weiner gets into a shouting match with a Jewish man in a new video that made its way onto the web on Wednesday.

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In the video, which according to its description was shot during a campaign stop in Borough Park on Wednesday, Weiner engages in a heated exchange with a gentleman who suggested that his personal dalliances might not make him an ideal candidate for public office.

(For those not familiar, Weiner has developed a reputation for sending inappropriate images and messages to women other than his wife. Now go back to cleaning that rock you’re living under.)

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“You’re my judge? What rabbi taught you that?” Weiner barks at the man at one point in the video..

“I didn’t do what you did,” the man replies. You’re fine, you talk to god and work out your problems but stay out of the public eye … You’re a bad example for the people. That’s obvious; your behavior is deviant.”

“Where do you get the morality to judge me? You know who judges me?” Weiner spits back at one point. “Not you, buddy Not you. You don’t get to judge me, because you’ve shown no sign that you’re superior to me, and you are not my god.”

“You know nothing; your ignorance is being shown to the entire world,” Weiner tells the man at one point the video.

Wow; somebody hand this guy a mirror. Oh, wait, never mind; he’d probably just use the mirror to snap a raunchy selfie anyway.

Watch the video: