Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner Sydney Leathers: ‘He Was Just This Needy Little Bitch’ (Video)

Weiner's sexting partner tells Howard Stern that the mayoral candidate is "a little too busy jacking off to do anything for the city" 

Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner's most recent sexting partner to go public, told Howard Stern all about her relationship with the current New York City mayoral candidate on Tuesday.

Unfortunately for Weiner, who spoke at a press conference last week to apologize for his latest indiscretion, none of the conversation was very flattering.

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"He was like a needy girlfriend or something, this clingy person," Leathers said while describing the politician to Stern.

Leathers said at the height of their virtual affair, Weiner talked about purchasing a Chicago condo which would serve as what Leathers called "a sex den." Leathers interest in him, however, did not last long enough for Weiner to make the purchase.

"It started to fizzle out and I just kind of stopped answering his phone calls, then he'd get really mad at me and just be kind of a jerk when I didn't answer my phone every single time he called," Leathers said. "He was like a teenage boy. He was just this needy little bitch."

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Leathers said the affair began when she messaged him online to express her disappointment for his previous scandals. Although she didn't hear back for "about a year," Weiner eventually responded to apologize and, apparently, to make the exact same mistake he was apologizing for.

"It didn't take long at all" for the flirting to begin, Leathers explained. And his approach isn't nearly as suave as his pseudonym, Carlos Danger, suggests.

"He doesn't really have a good segue," Leather said. "He just goes right into it." 

Watch Leathers get right into the juicy details of Weiner's newest national scandal, below: