Anthony Weiner’s Penis Pic: The Twitter Community Reacts

The public pipes up about congressman’s lewd photo in 140 characters or less

Now that a presumed photo of Anthony Weiner's, uh, Congressional staff has wormed its way onto the Internet, it shouldn't be any surprise that the world is offering its reactions via the venue that started this whole mess in the first place: Twitter.

In the interest of an informed public, TheWrap has performed a deep, vigorous and thorough probe of the best Weinergate tweets — so you don't have to.

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"The View" co-host Joy Behar was so impressed — or maybe not — with Weiner's latest penis portrait that she was compelled to chime in multiple times.

"Just saw the latest Anthony Weiner photo. I don’t know what to say," Behar wrote. "Except maybe 'turn your head to the left and cough.'"

Apparently, however, Behar found a little more to say, as she fired up the Twitter account again shortly thereafter to issue another missive, this time taking a poke at a recent presidential pretender.

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"Everyone's shocked by the new Weiner photo," Behar added. "Strangely, Donald Trump wants even FURTHER proof."

Nate Silver, of political web site, meanwhile, took the situation as an opportunity to crack wise about the traditional-marriage crowd.

"Weiner's story is more proof that everything goes off the rails once you allow Straight Marriage," Silver joked.

Slate writer Dave Weigel also found humor in the situation. Reacting to reports that Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant, Weigel mused, "On the bright side, Weiner will soon have a family to Spend More Time With."

Comedian Jeffrey Ross offered his own mea culpa in the midst of the whole brouhaha, noting, "I'd like to formally apologize to any fans who may have received pics from me. They were meant for my proctologist."

"Mr. Show" funnyman Brian Posehn offered, "If you haven't seen pics of my penis my Internet has been hacked!

And filmmaker Jason Pollock ("The Youngest Candidate"), meanwhile, offered some advice to Weiner's digital dick-pic enabler: "Twitter should send Anthony Weiner 2 things: 1) A check for all the free publicity 2) Info on how to send a DM."