The Antichrist Is Coming in New ‘Devil’s Due’ Trailer (Video)

Zach Gilford and Allison Miller play a pair of newlyweds expecting a little bundle of joy — but get found footage horror, instead

The Antichrist is coming, and his arrival is all caught on tape in a new trailer for upcoming found-footage horror film “Devil’s Due.”

The latest preview for the pregnancy nightmare shows that a new mom (Allison Miller) begins her descent into madness after a drunken night with her husband (Zach Gilford) on their honeymoon, during which some strangers perform a satanic ritual on her.

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And yes, the weird, creepy ritual appears to have been miraculously caught on tape, while the rest of the footage comes courtesy of the premise that the proud husband wants to begin his family history by videotaping their whole life leading up the birth of baby Satan.

Audiences will be able to watch the consequences of getting drunk and hooking up with the devil on Jan. 17 when the “Devil’s Due” hits theaters.