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‘AP Bio’ Stars Glenn Howerton, Patton Oswalt Try to #SaveAPBio

The latest campaign to save a cancelled comedy is on

Patton Oswalt would really like you to spend your Memorial Day weekend binge-watching “A.P. Bio” on Hulu, as he and costar Glenn Howerton are leading a hashtag campaign to help find the recently cancelled NBC comedy a new home.

Oswalt and Howerton have called on the show’s cult fanbase to get #SaveAPBio trending on Twitter and to help get the show to the top of Hulu’s streaming metrics. The show stars Howerton as Jack Griffin, a disgraced Harvard scholar who is forced to return to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, and teach an advanced placement biology class.

But as he realizes that his students are among the best in the school, Jack hatches a scheme to use them to simultaneously get revenge on those who cost him his spot at Harvard and find his way back into the upper echelons of academia.

“After we heard the news that ‘A.P. Bio’ had been cancelled, I felt frozen,” tweeted Mary Sohn, who plays art teacher Mary Wagner on the show. “So when Patton Oswalt started #SaveAPBio I felt scared to feel upset all over again. Then I saw the outpouring of love and support and I’m reminded this beloved show is worth the fight.”

In the era of social media and streaming, it has been common for fans of a cancelled show to take to Twitter to push for it to be saved. The most publicized in recent years was the cancellation of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” by Fox, which was met with online outrage by fans that soon turned to joy after NBC picked it up. Other shows saved from oblivion include “Designated Survivor” and “Lucifer,”  which moved to Netflix after their respective cancellations by ABC and Fox.

Check out more #SaveAPBio tweets from fans and cast members below.