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Apple Autism Video Introduces Dillan, an Autistic Teen Who Speaks Through His iPad

Apple marks World Autism Awareness Day

Apple marked World Autism Awareness Day with a pair of videos about Dillan, an autistic teen who communicates through his iPad.

The first Apple autism video, “Dillan’s Voice,” shows how the company’s products helped the nonverbal Dillan break through and express himself. We see him work out, jog, compose his thoughts with his mother, and at one point even deliver a speech to a cheering crowd.

“My name is Dillan, and I am autistic,” he uses the iPad to say in the video, which you can watch above. “All my life I wanted so badly to connect with people. But they couldn’t understand, because I had no way to communicate.”

Yes, it’s self-promotional of Apple. But Dillan’s voice is inspiring. You can watch the second Apple autism video, “Dillan’s Path,” here: