Apple Awarded $1B in Samsung Patent Trial

Samsung must now pay Apple $1 billion, the federal jury ruled

Last Updated: August 24, 2012 @ 5:08 PM

A federal jury ruled Friday that Samsung infringed on some Apple patents, copying the look and feel of the iPhone, and must pay the Cupertino-based tech titan $1 billion.

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Apple prevailed in many of its claims against Samsung, including allegations that the Korean behemoth ripped off Apple's "bounce back" effect when users scroll to the end of a page and the pinch-to-zoom gesture that allows users to zoom in or out of an image.

For three days, the nine-person jury deliberated and filled out a 20-page verdict form with answers to 700 questions about the case, the first in a series of lawsuits involving smartphone patents.

Apple originally requested $2.5 billion in damages, prompting Samsung to countersue for $422 million, claiming some of its own patents were infringed.

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Samsung was awarded nothing. It is expected to file an appeal.

Speculation surrounded the closely watched case for weeks as analysts said in multiple reports that Apple would likely win the suit, forcing Android device makers to work harder to create both hardware and software that less closely resembles Apple's iPhone and iPad iOS.

Apple's legal team approached the case with a biting tone, insisting that Samsung "slavishly" copied aspects of its signature phone and tablet and caused "irreparable harm" to its business.

The two companies compete neck-and-neck as the world's largest smartphone makers. Samsung countered Apple's iPhone and iPad with its own Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy Tab tablets.

Bloomberg estimated that the smartphone industry is worth $219.1 billion.