Apple Co-Founder Says Apple Card Algorithm Discriminates Against Women – Including His Wife

Steve Wozniak says his Apple Card credit limit was 10 times higher than his wife’s, despite sharing a bank account

Steve Wozniak
Getty Images

Apple Card discriminates against women — even if they’re married to one of the guys who helped start the company.

That’s according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who tweeted over the weekend that his wife received a credit limit that was substantially lower than his from Apple Card, despite sharing the same bank account. Wozniak’s tweet was in response to programmer and author David Heinemeier calling out Apple Card for giving his wife a credit limit that was 20 times lower than his — leading to Heinemeier ripping Apple Card as a “f—ing sexist program.”

Wozniak responded to Heinemeier’s critical tweets, saying he had the same problem.

“The same thing happened to us. We have no separate bank accounts or credit cards or assets of any kind,” Wozniak tweeted. “We both have the same high limits on our cards, including our [American Express] Centurion card. But 10x on the Apple Card.”

Others have placed most of the blame on Goldman Sachs, the firm that helped Apple launch its new card in August, and its algorithms. Wozniak, in a later tweet, added Apple “should share responsibility” with Goldman Sachs for the gender-biased credit limits.

Goldman Sachs, responding to the issue in a Saturday tweet, said “we have not, and will not, make decisions based on factors like gender.” Credit limits, according to the firm’s statement, are based on several factors, including a person’s credit and debt history.

The issue might not be going away anytime soon, with New York’s Department of Financial Services opening a probe into Apple Card’s credit limits and algorithms, Marketwatch reported on Sunday.