Apple Embraces Facebook, Spurns Google at WWDC

Apple unveiled new hardware and software updates, including greater Facebook integration and a new Maps app sans Google data

Apple unveiled software updates and hardware upgrades at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Monday, including Facebook integration and a new maps app that doesn't use Google data.

Along with a new line of laptops and details on upgrades to its operating systems, Apple revealed increased integration with Twitter and, for the first time, Facebook and a new maps app that allows the company to shed its reliance on data from its arch-rival, Google.

Following a dual introduction from the iPhone 4's interactive voice-controlled robot Siri and CEO Timothy D. Cook, Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller lifted the curtain on a speedier MacBook Air with more flash memory and a redesigned MacBook Pro with sleeker hardware and the same, widely heralded Retina display as the new iPad.

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Similar to Twitter's integration in iOS 5 last year, Facebook will not be tightly linked with iOS 6, meaning the iPhone and iPad will allow users to log in to the social network once and share content from anywhere on the device, including within third-party apps. 

Apple's chief rival Google was spurned by the company's new products, which include a revamped Maps app ridden of Google's once-ubiquitous mapping software. The new Maps includes traffic data, 3D overhead looks at major cities, and the sort of precise navigation Android users already enjoyed, but that never came to iOS.