Apple Geniuses Help Barack Obama Fix the Government Shutdown (Video)

CollegeHumor sketch treats the government like an iPad

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:49 PM

A Barack Obama impersonator is fed up with his handheld government device in a clever CollegeHumor original, which puts the government shutdown in the helpful hands of an Apple store employee.

“It’s a pretty old model, but it’s been reliable for quite some time,” Obama tells Apple Genius Bar personnel in the video (above). “Then I tried to load some custom programs on it, which you guys said would work, but now it’s been rejecting it.”

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“And you just can’t delete your program?” the Apple employee asks.

“I shouldn’t have to,” Obama pushes back. “The hardware said it was compatible three years ago, and there’s a lot of European models where it works just fine.”

The carefully crafted metaphor is particularly hilarious when the Apple employee tells Obama he has a “Tea_Party.dmg” virus plaguing his already-broken government.

“It just replicates itself. Makes it so the hardware can’t do anything useful,” the Apple Genius explains. “It just fucks with you.”