Apple iOS 11: How to Try Out Latest Operating System Ahead of Fall Launch

You can now enjoy Apple’s new iOS 11 on your devices — if you’re willing to download the beta version

If you’ve been patiently waiting to be a test subject for Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, today’s your lucky day.

Apple is set to launch iOS 11 this fall, and it just released the beta version on Monday if you can’t wait any longer. Users can sign up for Apple’s beta program here and download the new operating system.

iOS 11 is set to include a bevy of new tools, including the ability to send money via iMessage, and a much needed Maps update. But the most newsworthy aspect is its ARKit, which will give developers the ability to make apps with augmented reality features.

Remember, AR is so cool it makes CEO Tim Cook want to “yell out and scream,” so it must be worth checking out.

But before downloading iOS 11 to your phone, keep in mind it’s still a beta — meaning it’ll have bugs Apple needs to work out before the mass launch.

If you insist on trying out iOS 11, though, our advice is to download it on a spare iPhone or iPad. Once you’ve headed over to the beta signup, it’ll have you install a configuration profile, and then you’ll be able to restart your device like a usual update. Apple will continue to push beta updates throughout the summer as it heads towards its release date.

And if you develop a nifty AR app in the meantime, be sure to let TheWrap know.


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