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Apple Launching iPad 3 in Early 2012 (Report)

Though the iPad 2 has only been out for a few months, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is already preparing a new version of the tablet

Hewlett-Packard gave up on the tablet market yesterday in what many saw as a surrender to the industry’s king – Apple. Steve Jobs’ company is more than ready to extend its domination.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is constructing the latest version of its tablet, the iPad 3, in preparation for an early 2012 launch. Apple has already begun to order parts for 1.5 million units, and reports are that the new tablet will have an even higher resolution display.

The iPad is far and away the best-seller in the tablet market, so much so that many industry analysts don’t even see there being any compeition – at least not yet.

The iPad 2 has only been on the shelves for a few months, but it has already been a success. Apple sold 9.7 million iPads in its fiscal third quarter, which helped the company reap massive profits.

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Google is still searching for a tablet that makes proper use of its Android operating system. Android tablets have come out, but none have made a dent in the market. That may be one of the reasons behined Google’s acquisition of Motorola earlier this week.

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There have also been rumors that Amazon is coming out with a tablet of its own in the fall.

No matter how many competitors come out with their own tablet, they will all be in pursuit of Apple.