People Keep Running Into the Fancy Glass at Apple Park – Seriously

The new headquarter’s pretty architecture has become a painful problem

Apple Park Cupertino
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you’re planning on heading to Apple’s new headquarters in Silicon Valley, you may want to look up from your iPhone every once in a while, not just to make sure you see the pretty architecture, but to make sure you don’t run into it.

Apple Park, the tech giant’s new $5 billion headquarters, is home to tons of glass — including 45-foot tall curved panels which surround the building — which more than one distracted employee has smacked into, according to Bloomberg.

Emergency services have been called to the scene a number of times to assist injured employees. Though none have required hospitalization, some have been treated for minor cuts to the head.

To solve this problem, some staff members have started to put Post-It notes on the glass to give themselves a heads up. But those were removed because they took away from the building’s aesthetic appeal, according to sources Bloomberg spoke with. Pain is beauty, apparently.