Apple’s iOS 7 Brings 4-Year-Old Boy to Tears (Video)

A toddler in Kansas is not impressed with the new operating system for portable Apple devices

Getty Images

iOS 7, Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, is certainly different, but is it better?

Not according to Jack Collins, a 4-year-old Kansas boy who was brought to tears when he saw the changes that launched earlier this week.

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“No! I don’t want it,” the Collins cries when his father informs him he’s “just going to have to get used to it.”

Celebrated improvements to Apple’s popular devices include an easy-to-use Control Center, which gives users easier access to the most common settings, as well as iTunes Radio — a Pandora-like streaming service.

Not-so-celebrated features of the new iOS include a slower operating speed on older Apple devices and — Collins’ biggest gripe — an updated design.

Watch the video below: