‘Apprentice 10': Guessing the Top 4 Is Easy

Wade will be fired –the editing is so clear that it’s actually distracting

Through the entire episode all I can think of is how obvious it is that Wade will be fired. The editing is so clear that it’s actually distracting. Trump must have hated him. In fact, in the first five minutes it’s obvious:

The boys lose.

Wade will be fired.

There will be a double or possible triple firing.

Gene is going down.

David should be going down, but the producers still need him.
Other obvious facts:

Stephanie is in the final four. (Yeah, okay. Fine.)

Brandy is in the final four. (Barf)

Mahsa goes far but can’t win. You know this because they air too many negative comments about her.
Liza is better than her edit, but it’s irrelevant because she will not win.

Poppy sucks.

Poppy does not make the final four because they are starting to expose her weakness.

Steuart is a creep. It disgusts me when grown men openly hit on other women when they are in a committed relationship. The models weren’t even that hot. Grow up.

The ethnic guy is hot, but a creep too.

Clint is precious.

David is awesome and certifiably insane. I never want him off my television screen, yet I can’t wait to watch him be fired. It will be epic.

I’m also wondering who this Kelly person is who suddenly appeared. The fact that we haven’t heard a peep from this ghost-lady all season, and she suddenly is all over this episode means one more obvious thing:

Next time the girls lose Kelly gets the axe. Bye bye Kelly!

Also, I heard a rumor that David and Poppy are dating now, after the taping of the show. That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard so I pray to God that it’s true.