‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa Killed a Guy With a Trident on ‘The Tonight Show’ (Video)

Might wanna wear a cup for this one, Ocean Master

“Aquaman” just killed a guy with a trident. Jason Momoa should find himself a safe house or a relative close by and lay low for a while, because he’s probably wanted for murder.

On Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon (foolishly) challenged the “Game of Thrones” alum to a trident-throwing contest. The NBC late-night host (surprisingly) hung in there, despite his first horrendous attempt.

The two participants tossed tridents from a pretty impressive distance, aiming at Aquaman’s arch-nemesis Ocean Master, of course. It was 15 points for a head shot, 10 for a body blow and 25 for the crotchal region. A tosser received negative points if they took out Nemo or Dory.

Though Fallon named Momoa the winner, eagle-eyed viewers may argue that the big fella didn’t technically pierce Ocean Master or the movie-baddie’s hench-fish with his final throw. Whatever, he’s the guest, and look at his arms — you want to argue with that?

Watch the video above.

“Aquaman” rides the waves — or perhaps a dolphin — into theaters on Dec. 21.