Ariana Grande Gets Deep Fried on Social Media for Donut Licking, Anti-American Comments (Video)

Backlash comes after singer was caught on video running her mouth in more ways than one

Ariana Grande may have apologized for anti-American comments she uttered while licking donuts she didn’t pay for, but it seems some aren’t ready to forgive and forget.

The singer already appears to be feeling the heat, as she recently announced she would no longer be singing at the MLB All-Star game, though she claims that is due to oral surgery.

Meanwhile, media personalities and Hollywood stars are taking the singer to task.

“Headline for Ariana Grande…those poor people who like to buy doughnuts also bought a lot of your stupid music,” conservative radio host Laura Ingraham said during an appearance on Fox News.

Actor Rob Lowe also took a few shots at the pop star by tweeting a link to Grande’s apology with the caption, “As my grandpa would say: ‘Yeah, sure. Pull the other leg, it plays jingle bells!’ #Lame.”

People have been blasting the singer for her comments on social media, as well as her apparent lack of respect for the donut industry. Here are some of the best responses to Grande’s antics.

Watch the video of the incident at the donut shop below.