Ariana Grande’s Ponytail Is Clearly Magical and Jimmy Fallon Can’t Handle It (Video)

Singer proves to “Tonight Show” host her iconic ‘do is basically a third arm

We knew it!

Ariana Grande proved to “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon that her iconic ponytail is, in fact, magical during Wednesday’s show, in a recorded sketch that showed her trademark hairdo has a mind of its own.

When Fallon stopped by Grande’s dressing room to say hello, the singer proceeded to use her ponytail like a third arm, by picking up her phone, grabbing Fallon a soda, using a tissue and signing an autograph. Fallon is blown away, as he never realized that his friend possessed such power emanating from her scalp.

Oh, and then she freaks him out even more by helping retrieve a woman’s purse from a runaway snatcher.

See, magic and according to Grande, “sick.”

Watch the sketch in the video above.