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Ariel Winter Needled Over Nipple-Piercing Post: ‘We Get it, You Hate Your Parents’

”This action AGAIN, displays where your maturity level is,“ writes one critic of ”Modern Family“ star

Ariel Winter has once again felt the sting — and maybe pinch — of social-media criticism this week, after the “Modern Family” star posted a tweet about the possibility of being sedated while getting one’s nipple pierced.

Winter whipped out the topic on Monday, coyly asking, “Can u be put to sleep to get a nipple piercing? And feel no pain? Asking for a friend.”

While many of Winter’s Twitter followers responded encouragingly, the responses to the actress’ query were also peppered with criticism by detractors who poked holes in Winter’s post.

“It’s like, you enjoy the critical comments you get. This action AGAIN, displays where your maturity level is,” wrote one critic, who received a response from another commenter reading, “I totally agree with you.”

“We get it, you hate your parents,” wrote another detractor to the actress, who’s famously estranged from her mother.

“Would you paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa? … Just asking…for a friend,” another commenter wisecracked.

“Trying too hard for attention,” another critic counseled.

“Your acting puts me to sleep,” huffed another responder. “Sign a contract with @naughtyamerica already so we can truly enjoy what you got.”

Yet another Winter critic lashed out over the timing of the actress’ post, coming as it did on the anniversary of the nightclub shooting in Orlando.

“Really on the anniversary of the Orlando shooting that is what u are self absorbed about today,” the commenter wrote.

Which wouldn’t be the first time that Winter has been called out over posting a seemingly inappropriate social-media message on a somber occasion. On Memorial Day, the actress was lambasted for publishing a bikini photo on a day meant to honor military members who died while serving their country.

“Are you serious?” asked one commenter on her post at the time. “Post whatever pics you want but this particular one does not jive with what memorial day is about.”

“Tits.. As always.. This has NOTHING to do with Memorial Day!!!” tsk-tsked another detractor.

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