Arizona Cardinals’ Drew Stanton Warms Up… in a Supergirl Outfit

Stanton had to wear the costume for losing the Cards’ weekly quarterback competition

Drew Stanton Supergirl

Every week, the Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks hold a skills competition, with the loser having to wear a goofy costume. This week’s low man, Drew Stanton, had to wear a very “super” outfit to warmups on Sunday.

Before the Cards’ game against the Los Angeles Rams in London, Stanton walked onto the field in a Supergirl costume, and pictures of the QB’s look immediately went viral on Twitter.

In past weeks, Stanton’s teammate, Matt Barkley, had to show off his underwear in a pair of very revealing getups. 

Starting quarterback Carson Palmer brought the silly tradition with him from his days playing on the Cincinnati Bengals, when he was throwing balls with Jon Kitna. “He and I would be doing fade drills and the competitive fade bucket throws and things like that, and it would get so loud down there that they would have to tell us to stop doing that because we were disrupting special-teams practice at the time, or whatever it was,” Kitna told ESPN.

As it turned out, Stanton came to Palmer’s rescue, coming off the bench after Palmer was taken out of the game by a crushing hit from the Rams’ Alec Ogletree.

NFL UK couldn’t help but join in on the fun: